Atomica: Seventh Species is a game of alliances, strategy, betrayal...and Bismuth.

Play as an alien Commander equipped with two unique Instincts that enhance your strategy.  Traverse the board in search of Resources, building Bases and growing stronger along the way.  Purchase Gear to prepare for combat and get an edge over your opponents.  Trade with your allies, conspire against your enemies, and emerge as the victor of the final battle!

Atomica: Seventh Species melds gameplay elements from several tabletop genres.  The player focus gradually shifts from obtaining health and Resources to board positioning, card acquisition, and damage output.  With 21 unique Instinct combinations and more than 75 pieces of Gear, each game feels unique.  You’ll come back again and again to try new Instincts, invest in different strategies, or find the perfect combination of Gear to secure your victory.  Order your copy today!